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4K TV Repairs

SEQ Electronics is the leader in Brisbane 4K television repairs. Our technicians undertake regular industry training by leading manufacturers, to stay abreast of the latest repair techniques and firmware.


4K technology utilizes large screen format, and our sizeable vans can safely carry your screen.

We always use genuine parts sourced from TV manufacturers and offer a warranty on our repairs. Cables and accessories are high quality to optimize your viewing experience.


Wall Mounting your Screen during in-home service

When you call to book a service, ask us about wall mounting your TV. It really cleans up the design lines of your room and frees up your horizontal surfaces for attractive decorative items, rather than a massive TV screen.


Common problems with 4K televisions

In our experience, common faults include no power, buzzing noises, blurry image, tuning problems, damaged HDMI port, and network issues.


Poor definition picture could be due to under-driving. 4K is such high definition technology, it requires HD content to maximize the picture. Under-driving is when you input a lower definition signal. Your content needs to be at least HD, or UHD, either streamed, downloaded or by purchasing a file or DVD.


Loss of functionality. This could be a general remote control pairing issue. If your remote fails, a general remote control may turn your 4K on and off, but you will lose functionality of your TV. For full functionality SEQ Electronics will either repair or replace your remote control device – either way a solution is guaranteed!


Buzzing noise can be caused by the electronic power supply, speakers, or panel. We have not found this to be a common problem, however. Each of these sources would show different faults, which require inspection.


Fuzzy picture could be a Tuning problem. Ensure your antenna is securely plugged in. If you still have a problem, check that your TV is set to the Australian region. For example, TV from New Zealand will need re-setting. You can follow the TV set-up guide or instruction manual to correctly set to Australian region, or we can undertake this in an in-home visit.


HDMI ports can easily be damaged by moving your TV while devices are plugged into the HDMI port. Also, avoid hot-plugging your TV – turn off all the devices and the TV before plugging or unplugging into the HDMI port. Wall mounting requires slack in the cable so that removing it for service, doesn’t damage HDMI port. Sometimes we can repair an HDMI port, otherwise, the entire mainboard needs to be replaced.


These are the most common faults we have discovered, however, no matter what your problem, please call us to book a repair. You’ll be enjoying your favourite movies or training sessions for staff, in no time at all.




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