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BluRay, VCR, DVD, NVR Repairs

However you like to enjoy your movies, series, musicals or home productions we can help if things go wrong.  SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems offers a range of excellent repair services that can restore these devices so they are like new again. Our highly trained repair technicians provide repair services on all major brands of electronics.

VCR Repairs

Common problems here can be with loading and unloading the cassette, play button issues, audio challenges, as well as general control matters. We can also give you advice on how to maintain your VCR and prevent unnecessary future VCR repairs.

DVD Player Repairs

Our technicians can fine tune small DVD player issues, as well as provide more extensive repairs.  Common problems can be with the connection, video and audio challenges, remote control issues.

DVD Recorder Repairs

Let us help to resolve potential audio instability, low video quality, recording issues, electrical problems, overheating challenges, as well as communication issues between components.

Blu-Ray Player Repairs

Blu-Ray player repairs require high precision and accuracy as they carry the greatest technology of all the units listed here. We can work with units both in and out of warranty.


Repairs can be carried out on all major brands so get in touch to find out more


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