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TVs have become so Smart – and so are we

We supply and repair Televisions and began operations as a TV Repairer in 1994. Since then, every type of TV technology, every brand and every shape and size screen has come through our workshop doors. We operate in the Professional, Commercial, Education and Industrial sectors and Domestic. Our Technicians repair down to component level for delicate, specialised and oversized screens.

In the last twenty years our business has exploded to become one of the most trusted installation and maintenance centres in Brisbane. In that time we have expanded our service coverage area to include the Greater Brisbane region, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Redlands, and West to Ipswich. We travel to Far North Queensland and NSW for larger projects.

We banish pixilated pictures and fuzzy sound

Our licensed and trained Technicians can replace or repair your Antenna, Satellite Dish or MATV system, optimising your viewing pleasure.

Home Theatres and Cinema

We can supply, install, integrate and automate and repair your whole system in board rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls and media rooms

Wall Mounting your Screen

Ask us about wall mounting your TV.  It really cleans up the design lines of your room and frees up your horizontal surfaces for attractive decorative items, rather than a massive TV screen.  We can mount your new or existing TV indoors or outdoors, on the wall or ceiling. We can combine your TV with an audio system for full viewing pleasure.

Outdoor Viewing even in extreme conditions

Now you can watch TV while you float in the pool or cook your barbeque feast. It doesn’t matter if drinks spill or your footy hits the screen, as it is encased in an all-weather, high impact enclosure. This is also ideal for commercial and industrial situations. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems has cradle to grave solutions for all your Audio Visual items.

We Supply New Televisions

If you require a new TV, we can make your life or that of your Residents, Tenants or Patients easier by supplying, delivering and setting up a new TV system.

Large fully licensed Workshop

Our large Workshop repairs all brands of Television and Audio Visual products.

Our workshop is filled with all the latest testing equipment and tools and we have access to the latest Firmware and Software. We meet all current Government regulations that include having the relevant Licenses and insurances.

Home Delivery and On-site Service

We operate a fleet of large vans with specialised equipment for carrying oversized and curved screens. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems operates large service vehicles which can cater for onsite repairs or customer service pickups and deliveries as well as home theatre installations and integrations.

Authorised Warranty Repairs

We are also the preferred repairers for Extended Warranty providers Domestic & General, Brightside, Install and Fix.

4K Televisions

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems is the leader in Brisbane 4K television repairs. Our technicians undertake regular industry training by leading manufacturers, to stay abreast of the latest repair techniques and firmware.

4K technology utilises large screen format, and our sizeable vans can safely carry your big screen.

We always use genuine parts sourced from TV manufacturers and offer a warranty on our repairs. Cables and accessories are high quality to optimize your viewing experience.

Common problems with 4K televisions

In our experience, common faults include no power, buzzing noises, blurry image, tuning problems, damaged HDMI port, and network issues.

Poor definition picture could be due to under-driving. 4K is such high definition technology, it requires HD content to maximize the picture. Under-driving is when you input a lower definition signal. Your content needs to be at least HD, or UHD, either streamed, downloaded or by purchasing a file or DVD.

Loss of functionality. This could be a general remote control pairing issue. If your remote fails, a general remote control may turn your 4K on and off, but you will lose functionality of your TV. For full functionality SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems will either repair or replace your remote control device – either way a solution is guaranteed!

Buzzing noise can be caused by the electronic power supply, speakers, or panel. We have not found this to be a common problem, however. Each of these sources would show different faults, which require inspection.

Fuzzy picture could be a Tuning problem. Ensure your antenna is securely plugged in. If you still have a problem, check that your TV is set to the Australian region. For example, TV from New Zealand will need re-setting. You can follow the TV set-up guide or instruction manual to correctly set to Australian region, or we can undertake this in an in-home visit.

HDMI ports can easily be damaged by moving your TV while devices are plugged into the HDMI port. Also, avoid hot-plugging your TV – turn off all the devices and the TV before plugging or unplugging into the HDMI port. Wall mounting requires slack in the cable so that removing it for service, doesn’t damage HDMI port. Sometimes we can repair an HDMI port, otherwise, the entire mainboard needs to be replaced.

These are the most common faults we have discovered, however, no matter what your problem, please call us to book a repair. You’ll be enjoying your favourite movies or training sessions for staff, in no time at all.




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