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Intercom & Access Control

Keep your property fenced & gated whilst controlling visitor access

An integrated intercom & access control creates convenience that you might not have known was possible.

An intercom & access control system will give you call answering and transfers, door release, ability to log user access, ability to monitor & save images PLUS various levels of protection depending upon the threat.

Do away with unwanted keys!

Access Control Systems are a more traceable alternative to physical keys and locks… Cards, fobs or fingerprints can be used to track movement throughout your home or commercial premises.


  • Have total control and tracking over who accesses designated areas
  • Keep an eye and ear on your street, perimetre, site & building entrance, specified sectors & staff
  • Emerging technologies such as facial recognition & bio technologies
  • Perimetre Protection and internal security
  • Broadcast music or important messages throughout your system
  • Regulate who uses specific resources within your business
  • Combine this installation with an Intelligent Security System to be able to view your site from your Smartphone.


  • Broadcast music throughout your home without speakers installed
  • Video intercoms allow you to keep an eye and ear on people in your home.  Monitor visitors, pets, family & domestic workers PLUS its the ultimate Baby and Child Monitor
  • Combine this installation with an Intelligent Security System, and see who is ringing your doorbell from your Smartphone.

Get on board

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems holds a Class 2 security licence and has access to many brands of equipment.  You’ll be surprised by the cost effectiveness so enquire for a quote.


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