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Wouldn’t be nice to have your CCTV System installed & not have an installer running around, not having a clue what he has done & why the camera isn’t talking to the NVR or the picture is fuzzy on the screen or the signal isn’t getting to your phone when that is all you wanted a simple seamless CCTV install. SEQ ensures your Project doesn’t run into any problems before, during & after the installation.

Based on collected information from more than 10,000 trouble related service calls from many equipment manufacturers, over 70% of failure in a CCTV system is associated with transmission media which includes the type of cable used, connectors, connections & the installation methods. The second biggest area that account for nearly 25% of the problems are power & environment related which includes either excessive or inadequate input power, ineffective or improper grounding or an excessive temperature around the equipment. Incorrect equipment setup, improper equipment termination & improper camera installation account for about 5% of the problems directly associated with the installation personnel. Less than 1% of the failures in a CCTV installation are actually caused by equipment failures. Don’t forget that the system is also computer based we are able to cover off all those bases, we are licenced, installers, repairers & computer programmers.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems are one of Brisbane’s leading MATV & CCTV system installers & retailers that provide affordable, quality solution for their residential & business customers.

SEQ use only the best systems in the world you don’t want a system that will fail when you need it, or you don’t want a system that can be hacked

CCTV has been proven to be the most cost effective method for crime prevention and detection. You can also manage public liability and employee productivity.

SEQ can tailor solutions to meet your business, home, or organisation’s needs, wants and budget.

To receive your obligation-free quote and discuss your business’s electronic security needs, contact SEQ today.


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