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Welcome to the world of Valet
now also known as iCentral Intelligent Central Systems

Valet is Australia’s best-known and trusted provider of
Ducted Vacuum
Video Intercom
Music/Video Intercom
Security Systems
Automation Systems

You’ll be glad to install iCentral Valet Systems for your home and family or workplace.
Keep dirt, dust, noise, and strangers outside your home!

• Increase the value of your home
• Improve your lifestyle
• Cleaner inside air
• Save storage space
• No more back pain fro lugging a heavy vacuum unit around and upstairs
• See who is on your property or at your door from your Smartphone
• Streamlined, best quality fittings enhance your decor
• Packages available to install/update Vacuum, Intercom and/or Security Systems

If you already own any older model Valet System,
call us to update their look and functionality with compatible iCentral Valet fittings


iCentral Valet is Australia’ number one choice for ducted vacuum systems
• Superior reputation, suction, and efficiency puts Valet ahead of competitors
• Models to suit the size and style of your home
• Wide range of floor tools and brushes to suit all floor coverings
• Replaceable fittings and upgradable
• Massive capacity dust barrel
• Keep the noise and dust outside the house – where it belongs!
• Six-year warranty on motor*

Before you buy a new vacuum unit, consider the many benefits of an iCentral Valet Intelligent Vacuum System. Many great features like kick plates in the skirting boards are great for sweeping kitchens and hair salons and today’s minimalist lifestyle.Peaceful, clean and easy way to vacuum

Quiet inside – All the noise is outside

Babies and pets are sure to enjoy a peaceful nap while you vacuum – quietly! The iCentral Valet Intercom can also operate as a Baby Monitor with listening capability. Great prices to install them together! Customers can relax if you need to vacuum while they are shopping or eating.

Healthy inside – Dust free

All the dust is collected outdoors in a massive capacity canister lined with a bag. Supports your body with a lightweight hose and no motor to drag around.


The power unit is located externally, out of sight and hearing.
Plug your hose into one of several inlet valves discreetly positioned throughout your home.
With the lightweight nine-metre flexible hose provided, an average home usually needs only three inlets to provide 100% coverage of all floors, curtains, and corners.
Best value for superior suction, and a quiet, dust-free home and workplace.
iCentral Valet is a well-respected company, with compatible parts for older systems, so call us today to upgrade and update and extend your system.

Superior Warranty

iCentral Valet enjoys a well-earned reputation for reliability, backed up a 5-year warranty on the motor, plus an extra year warranty when you register your warranty card online or by mail*.
At the heart of every iCentral Valet power unit, is the unique range of highly efficient, long life motors that deliver quiet, consistent vacuum power to every corner of your home.

As seen on Healthy Homes Australia TV. View the episode online.

SEQ Electronics can update your old Valet vacuum system and other brands like Aussie Vac, Premier Clean, Electrolux, Volta, Cyclic, Astrovac, Vacuumaid, Hills, Silent Master, Pullman, Hoover, Beam and many others.

Your new iCentral Intelligent Vacuum System is surprisingly inexpensive and will prove to be a wise addition to your existing or new home construction/renovation.


iCentral Intercom Systems give you the convenience of Door, Gate, and Multi-station Intercom Systems, that distribute TV, radio & music throughout the house.
Also, can be used as a Baby and Child Monitor.
You also have the option for added security of a Front Door Answering & Colour Video System in the one easy to use home communications and automation system.
Combine this installation with an Intelligent Security System, and see who is ringing your Doorbell from your Smartphone.


Valet iCentral Security Systems offer effective protection for your home, office or factory.
SEQ Electronics tailors the system to suit your requirements with 8 or 16 zone control panels and a choice of motion sensors and alarms.
Operation is easy with the Navigator touch screen keypad.
Smartphone operation over the Internet gives you easy, portable and instant surveillance of your property.
Superior front door surveillance allows you to see not only who is at ringing your Doorbell, but also vision from all your other CCTV cameras, from your Smartphone.

Based on the famous Ness D8x and D16x alarm control panels, the iCentral 8 Zone and 16 zone control panels with dialler are among the most versatile and powerful panels available. Supplied with Navigator Touch Keypad, Power Supply, Backup Battery and accessories.

For sales, service and spares or to enquire about installing a Valet iCentral Systems vacuum, intercom or security system, contact SEQ Electronics on (07) 3390 1644.

Enjoy the convenience of a Valet iCentral Systems Lifestyle. Talk about our package deals for two or more Systems installed at the same time.

All the Valet systems are now branded under iCentral.
Most iCentral Vacuum Systems products are manufactured for Ness in accordance with Ness’s quality demands, by a US family based manufacturer that was established over 50 years ago. All other iCentral Systems products are either manufactured by Ness or by long-term reliable suppliers in accordance with the Ness exacting standards and requirements. ICentral Valet is a division of NESS Corporation an Australian owned company.
Ness™ ICentral Valet™ System One™ iCentral™ trademarks registered.
Only authorised ICentral Valet dealers to sell quality ICentral Valet products – not available from Masters, Bunnings or Mitre 10.


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