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Inspection Fees

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For an accurate appraisal, our technicians must fully investigate the faulty unit. Typically this involves:

  • Dismantling the unit to obtain measurements
  • Obtaining relevant service data (schematic diagrams, service manuals, etc)
  • Checking for software or firmware updates
  • Obtaining part numbers of required parts
  • Tracking down prices and availability of required parts

As you can appreciate all this takes time and in order to provide this service we must charge an upfront inspection fee to cover our expenses.

When an estimate is given, 50% payment is required to move forward with the repair.  Inspection fees are applied as a credit against the estimate repair costs for the unit.


Terms of inspection

  • The pickup fee is an additional charge.
  • Pick up fees are an additional charge.  For example: A plasma TV pickup & diagnoses charge would be $121 (inspection fee) +$88 (pick up fee) = $209 (Total).
  • The inspection fee is applied as a credit against the estimate of the repair costs for the unit and constitutes the minimum service charge
  • The pick up fee is not deductible.

Important points to note

  • Fees are payable upfront and units will not be assessed until payment is made.
  • Inspection and pickup fees are non-refundable even if the part is unavailable or has a long lead time, as we don’t know which part is required until we inspect the unit
  • The pickup fee is based on the client not being able to deliver the unit to our workshop themselves

Remote Location Fees

All pickups and deliveries to islands will incur an additional cost, on top of the regular fee


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