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LED TV Repairs

SEQ Electronics  domestic workshop specialises in the repair and service of all brands of LED LED TV Repairstelevisions.

LED TV repairs normally consists of the replacement of a faulty PCB (printed circuit board). Each LED TV contains a handful of different circuit  boards. Common PCB’s found within a LED TV are:
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Main PCB
Power Supply

LED Screen

Some LED TV’s have a protection circuits built into them. This protection circuit constantly monitors the TV looking for any faults and should a fault be detected, it shuts the TV down. Most likely if a TV turns on and then shuts downs a few seconds later a protection circuit has been triggered. In this case the unit needs to be dismantled and the fault diagnosed.

SEQ’s fully qualified electronics technicians have the skills and latest up to date test equipment to help.

LCD and LED TV’s are effectively the same TV except the back lights are different, LCD TV’s uses many Fluorescent tubes, where LED TV’s uses LED’s as Back lights which are more energy efficient.

No matter what brand it us, we can do it.

So if your LGPanasonic, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Soniq or Teac has broken down give us a call today. If you’re in Brisbane, Logan or Redlands. We can repair your LED TV.

Contact us today to initiate a repair.

Please Note: an Inspection fee maybe applicable if your unit is not under a manufacturers warranty please see here for Inspection fees



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