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Microwave Repairs and Testing

SEQ Electronics specializes in the repair, service and testing off all brands of Microwave Repairs Brisbance southside redlands loganmicrowave ovens from domestic microwave ovens, Convection ovens, Steam ovens to commercial high power microwaves used in restaurants such as McDonalds or Subway.

sommercial microwave oven repairs brisbane sharp panasonicSEQ Electronics strives to get all units repaired as quickly as possible.


We use the most up to data high quality microwave leakage meter to test EVERY microwave that we repair to ensure you and your families safety.steam oven repairs microwave broken? microwave repairer


Microwave radiation test leaking mircowaves while you wait


We also stock a huge range of high temperature microwave lamps, plates, parts and accessories.  Please contact us with the Brand, model and part description for a price & availability on the parts you require. microwave spare parts part turntable glass plate light bulb

If you are in Brisbane, Logan or Redlands. We can repair your Microwave, convection or steam oven.
Please Note: an Inspection fee is applicable for out of warranty repairs please see here for Inspection Fees.


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