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OLED TV Repairs

SEQ Electronics repairs all OLED TV screens, both curved and flat. We always use genuine parts sourced from TV manufacturers, and offer a warranty on our repairs. Cables and accessories are high quality to optimize your viewing experience.


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The OLED panel is self-lit by thousands of OLED cells. It provides a richer, more realistic colour than 4K, and improved contrast, with blacker blacks. Each pixel is individually lit and provides a more uniform appearance and better side-angle view. The standard resolution is 1920 by 1080, which is about half that of a 4K TV.

OLED is available in curved or flat TV screens, and we service them both.

SEQ Electronics also repairs audio equipment, so if you have problems with your sound-bar, we can help, just give us a call.

Avoid leaving your OLED image static for too long, as it can become subject to image-sticking. Like plasma and CRT before it, OLED can retain images on the screen temporarily, and perhaps even permanently. There are some procedures we can undertake which may resolve this.

Since the blue diode needs to work harder in OLED you may expect 14,000 hours lifespan from the blue diode. If you run your TV for 6 hours per day, you may expect seven years viewing pleasure. When the blue diodes fail, the image compensation feature may not work.


Loss of functionality. This could be a general remote control pairing issue. If your remote fails, a general remote control may turn your OLED on and off, but you will lose functionality of your TV. For full functionality SEQ Electronics will either repair or replace your remote control device – either way a solution is guaranteed!

Fuzzy picture could be a Tuning problem. Ensure your antenna is securely plugged in. If you still have a problem, check that your TV is set to the Australian region. For example, TV from New Zealand will need re-setting.   You can follow the TV set-up guide or instruction manual to correctly set to Australian region, or we can undertake this in an in-home visit.

HDMI ports can easily be damaged by moving your TV while devices are plugged into the HDMI port. Also, avoid hot-plugging your TV – turn off all the devices and the TV before plugging or unplugging into the HDMI port. Wall mounting requires slack in the cable so that removing it for service, doesn’t damage HDMI port. Sometimes we can repair an HDMI port, otherwise the entire mainboard needs to be replaced.


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