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SEQ/FLEX is The Original Australian Coloured Strip Doors. This exclusive

ribbed overlapping design forms an effective barrier against dust, insects

and other airborne particles. SEQ/Flex is ideal for use in air conditioned

or heated areas, including domestic and commercial shop applications.





SEQ/STRIP Industrial Strip doors provide an excellent, low cost

protection for virtually any size or type of opening incl; parcel hatches,

delivery van doors, coolrooms, freezers, warehouse doors and more. Strip

width ranges from 100mm – 400mm and thickness from 2mm – 5mm.

SEQ/STRIP hangs from a simple to install aluminium headrail with cad

plated nuts, bolts and washers. SEQ/STRIP can slide, or be static, run

straight and around corners. It can be installed to overlap and made

adjustable to suit any application.




SEQ/SCREEN is a simple and cost effective solution to controlling dirt and

dust, helping to create a clean environment inside your workshop.

SEQ/SCREEN maintains 100% natural light and visibility required for

safety and can be used as a barrier for thermal, noise, dust or spray

control. Available in various configurations of heavy duty sliding, or fixed

sheet screens it is also available as clear or coloured with all components

being anti-corrosive and maintenance free.



SEQ/SHIELD Welding screen was specially developed to cut out

dangerous Ultra Violet transmissions from welding operations, but still

retain high transparency and safe two-way vision. As standard it comes in

the colour Golden Bronze and is a UV inhibitor, cutting out over 99% of

UV transmission from welding processes whilst allowing transmission of

most of the remaining light spectrum. The inhibitor in the strip also

retards degradation by sunlight. In addition, PVC is a fire retardant and

will not support combustion in normal atmosphere.



SEQ/SWING PVC doors are perfect for applications for pedestrian and

vehicle traffic. The doors feature clear see-through panels for safe two-

way traffic, operation is push to open with automatic close. PVC panels

are available in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses and the frame is constructed

of an attractive anodised aluminium frame. Doors can be powder coated

and have sign writing applied to suit your individual requirements. A

resilient PVC strip seal can be used along the back stile and head profile

for optimum sealing performance.






High Impact Thermal Traffic Door (HITT)

SEQ/IMPACT is a High Impact Thermal Traffic (HITT) door which caters

for areas of high levels of traffic with its semi -automatic operation

allowing for the door to close automatically from either direction. The

SEQ/IMPACT is constructed of a durable 3mm thick ABS surface and core

filled to provide great insulation properties. The doors can be

manufactured in either single or double configurations. Windows come as

standard for vision and the doors can be fitted with kick plate spring

bumpers for maximum impact resistance. Seals and gaskets are used

between the door and jamb to reduce temperature loss.


Features & Benefits


High Impact ABS Surfaces

The SEQ/IMPACT door panel is insulated with a 40mm polyurethane

infill, laminated on each side with High Impact ABS material with a

nominal thickness of 3mm. Each door leaf is fitted with a clear vision

panel of double glazed clear polycarbonate panels. Each door panel is

encased on three sides with a clear anodized aluminium capping with a

rubber seal gasket incorporated into the capping. The surface is easy to

clean and designed to withstand all typical cleaning methods.


Thermal Insulation

The outer ABS skin is Filled with a PU Foam Core for maximum insulation

quality and rating. This provides minimal temperature loss and increased

savings due to reduced energy consumption.


Spring Bumper Kick Plates

Spring bumpers can be used for heavy traffic situations to absorb impact

and prevent damage to the door face. These provide additional protection

to a height of 600mm and can be fitted to both sides of the door panel.


Full Gasket Seal Surround

Full Surround PVC gaskets ensure even greater resistance to temperature

loss and efficiency whilst also ensuring prevention of dust, insect and

contamination intrusion.



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