For all your Solar Inverter Repairs, we’ll take care of you

SEQ Electronics specialises in the repairs and service of all brands of solar inverters.

Has your solar inverter blown up and the installation company disappeared on you? Don’t despair – we can repair!

Sunny Tripower InverterSEQ Electronics can provid a quick turnaround repair time to get you back on the grid and saving money again.

If your inverter is coming up with error codes like output error, relay error, grid not present or the display not working etc then call SEQ Electronics today for a quick appraisal. We can repair any size inverter including 1.5 kw inverter, 3kw grid connected inverter, solar 5kw inverters. In fact any size or configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to get a local electrician in to disconnect your Solar Inverter to render it safe. You will need bring or send the Inverter into us, as we only do repairs in our workshop where we have access to all our test equipment. Please see here for inspection fees.

SEQ Electronics has NO association to any Manufacturer or installers of Solar Inverters, we are an Independent repairer.

If you are in Brisbane, Logan or Redlands. We can repair all your Solar Inverter needs. In-fact anywhere in Australia ship it to us and we’ll fix it!

Examples of models we can repair or have repaired  include:

Sunny Roo

SR1500TLI (1.5KW)

SR2000TLI (2KW)

SR3000TLI (3KW)

SR4000TLI (4KW)

SR5000TLI (5KW)

SR6000TLI (6KW)



SPR-3000M (3KW)

SPR-4000M (4KW)

SPR-5000M (5KW)

SPR-6000M (6KW)

SPR-7000M (7KW)

SPR-8000M (8KW)


AE – (advanced Energy)

PVP2000 (2KW)

PVP2500 (2.5KW)

PVP2800 (2.8KW)

PVP3000 (3KW)

PVP3500 (3.5KW)

PVP4600 (4.6KW)

PVP4800 (4.8KW)

PVP5200 (5.2KW)



JFY Solar Inverter












PVI-2000 (2KW)

PVI-3.0 (3KW)

PVI-3600 (3.6KW)

PVI-3.6 (3.6KW)

PVI-4.2 (4.2KW)

PVI-5000 (5KW)

PVI-6000 (6kW)

PVI-10 (10KW)

PVI-12.5 (12.5KW)


 Sunny Boy

3000TL (3KW)

4000TL (4KW)

5000TL (5KW)     Sunny Boy Repairs


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