Here are Vaccum Cleaner Maintenance Tips to help you:

Vacuum filters are an important component of your vacuum cleaner, they help provide a strong suction whilst filtering “outgoing air” from your vacuum cleaner, helping to maintain a ‘cleaner environment”

LG vacuum cleaners use what is known as a “HEPA Filter”. HEPA¬†filters help to trap air particles down to the sub micron size. Cigarette “Tobacco” smoke, for example is made uHEPA Filter diagram LG Vacuum Brisbanep of particles generally averaging 0.25 microns and viruses can be as small as 0.1 of a micron. HEPA filters are the only way to remove these types of contaminants.

Therefore it is extremely important to read your manufacturers recommendations in keeping these filters clean. Regular monthly cleaning of these filters will ensure your family’s health remains number one.

Other simple vacuum¬†cleaner maintenance tips are to keep the brush “turbo” head clean from hair and debris, regular inspection will keep the brush head rollers spinning freely.

faulty vacuum Brush

Robot king vacuum cleaners require the same maintenance as above but also you will need to regularly check the wheels for hair and lint becoming entangled, also check the sensors for built up of dust, as dust will impede the performance of these sensors resulting in the vacuum cleaner running into walls for example.


SEQ Electronics can supply all your LG vacuum cleaner spare parts and accessories. Simply give us a call with the model number from your vacuum cleaner and we will source it for you from LG or contact us.


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