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Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance tips

Just a few minutes of maintenance can add years to the life of your vacuum >> Heres some tips:

#1 Care for your vacuum filter

Filters are one of the most important components of your vacuum cleaner.  The filter provides strong suction whilst filtering “outgoing air” from your vacuum cleaner, helping to maintain a ‘cleaner environment”

LG vacuum cleaners use what is known as a “HEPA Filter”. HEPA filters help to trap air particles down to the sub micron size. Cigarette “Tobacco” smoke, for example is made up of particles generally averaging 0.25 microns and viruses can be as small as 0.1 of a micron. HEPA filters are the only way to remove these types of contaminants.

Cleaning of the filter is recommended monthly.

You can rinse a plastic filter, and shake a paper or fabric one, depending on how easy it is to remove.

Its extremely important to read your manufacturers recommendations in keeping these filters clean.

#2 Care for the head of your vacuum cleaner

Brush your “turbo” head clean from hair and debris regularly.  Inspecting this yourself and maintaining this will keep the brush head rollers spinning freely.

Robot king vacuum cleaners require the same maintenance as above but also you will need to regularly check the wheels for hair and lint becoming entangled, also check the sensors for built up of dust, as dust will impede the performance of these sensors resulting in the vacuum cleaner running into walls for example.

#3 It might seem obvious…Empty the bag regularly!

One of the quickest and easiest things you can do to maintain your vacuum cleaner is to replace the bag on a regular basis. Many people assume that bags only need to be replaced when they feel full. However, to keep your machine working at its best, you’ll want to replace the bag when it is about 2/3 full, not when it is completely packed with dirt.

Debris needs room to enter the bag, and if there is already a large accumulation of debris inside it, there won’t be room for what the vacuum cleaner picks up and it will no longer work as efficiently as it should.

#4 Don’t forget about the hose of your vacuum cleaner

Sometimes hoses get large objects trapped inside them. If you find that your hose attachment isn’t working right, a trapped object may be the culprit. You can find the object by peering into the hose or by sticking a hook inside it to see if it hits against something.

Some of the most common objects to get caught inside hoses are socks, underwear or small toys.

#5 Replace or repair?

If you’ve noticed that your vacuum just isn’t picking things up as thoroughly as it used to or another problem then you can always bring it to us for inspection.  Parts and servicing are generally inexpensive and quick to carry out.

Having SEQ Electronics diagnose & fix the problem for you may be the best route for you and your family and our inspection fees can be found here.  Having your vacuum cleaner inspected will help you easily decide whether to replace or repair

SEQ Electronics can supply many vacuum cleaner spare parts and accessories.

Give us a call with the model number from your vacuum cleaner and we will do our best to source the correct parts.  Enquire with us today or 3390 1644


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