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All weather TV enclosures

If you dream of watching the cricket whilst sitting in the backyard, or watching a movie and floating in your pool, or playing music videos while your guests mingle on the deck, then this All-Weather TV Enclosure is for you!

  •  We can relocate your existing TV, or supply a new TV
  •  Outdoor sound systems available
  •  Speakers can link to your indoor system via amplifier
  •  SEQ Electronics can supply and install this revolutionary enclosure in almost any situation at your home or workplace

The lightweight aluminium construction is the lightest frame around, and offers various types of weatherproof mounting options outdoors or above a fireplace.

  •  Recess unit into a wall
  •  Tilt or articulate from the wall
  •  Mount from the ceiling

Other great features of our All-Weather TV Enclosure

  •  Made in the USA to exacting standards
  •  Protection for TV screens from 39” to 75”
  •  Lightweight weatherproof powder coating over aluminium frame
  •  Anti reflective glass reduces glare and increases contrast ratio
  •  PRO Range available, if screen located in a very bright situation
  •  Tight seal technology protects the TV screen from rain, liquid spills, dust and insects
  •  Fans built-in
  •  Weather-proof fixtures and fittings
  •  Watertight cable cover protects connections
  •  Screen operates in ambient temperature range from -20C degrees up to    +50C
  •  Heaters available for extreme cold temperatures or humidity
  •  Protects TV from high impact attacks
  •  Highly secure, as the TV and frame are attached to the wall


SEQ Electronics can supply, install and integrate Commercial Screens and All-Weather Enclosures

  •  Vertical (portrait) Enclosures at 55” and 65”
  •  Deeper and brighter, will take commercial screens
  •  Perfect for bright locations


  •  Protects TV from high impact attacks
  •  Highly secure, as the TV and frame are attached to the wall

SEQ Electronics also supplies, installs and integrates Display Signs and Video Walls

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