So the TV’s not working? What’s wrong with my TV? Is it worth fixing?

The most common parts of a TV that fault are the:faulty Sharp LED TV repairs
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Main PCB
Power supply
T-con PCB
Sustain PCB’s

There is also the screen, inverter PCB’s, back lights etc. Any part at any time can go faulty. It is impossible to diagnose a fault over the phone or even by seeing a picture or video of the symptom. The only way to provide an accurate appraisal is to physically pull the unit apart and take measurements with specialised test equipment.

Is it worth Fixing?

That is the number one question and unfortunately without spending some time to diagnose the fault we just don’t know. There are off course benefits of getting your TV repaired. These include:

  • Not having to deal with pushy salesmen trying to sell you the latest TV with all the fandangled feature that you don’t understand or will never use
  • not having to learn how to use the new TV
  • not having to get someone in to install the new equipment and match it up with other items like DVDs and home theater.
  • getting a TV repaired is environmentally friendly

SEQ’s Domestic Repair Workshop is full equipped with the necessary test equipment to provide a fast and friendly diagnoses of the fault.


*please note – inspection fee’s apply to units not under warranty.





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