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Assisted Vision

Low Vision aids restore independence, enhance lifestyle & learning

Most people who experience a decline in their eyesight are able to correct the problem through the use of glasses, contact lenses or surgical procedures. When routine tasks such as shopping, watching television or recognising friends and family are difficult even when using corrective devices, a person is described as having low vision. 

From simple digital magnifiers to advanced video magnification systems, Enhance Vision products offer brilliant true-to-life colour, black and white images and a variety of screen sizes and magnification levels.

These high-quality video magnifiers have been doctor recommended and customer approved.  By far, Enhance Vision products are the most diverse and reliable line of low vision aids and electronic magnifiers available. 

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems supplies and repairs the full Enhanced Vision range:

  • Portable
  • Wearable
  • HD OCR
  • Computer Compatible for your desktop

Our technicians are licensed and experienced to install and repair within all types of spaces, including education and aged care facilities.

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