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Replacing technology is not always feasible and we understand that.  Though we can sell you a new projector we can also assist you to get the longest life from your existing one.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems specialises in repairs to all types of projectors for your home, office, boardroom, auditorium, cinema, events or education facility.

We provide high quality spare parts and accessories for every type of projector. These include Lamps, Remote Controls and power cables. Plus we can both repair and replace remotes.

We also service Projectors to ensure safety and optimum output. It is imperative to service your Projector, especially if it operates in a dusty or dirty environment.


It’s vital that your projector breathes in order to maintain its correct operating temperature.  Every projector draws a significant amount of power and voltage thus creating heat. To avoid damage and future repairs, it is vital that fans and filters are cleaned to ensure circulation of clean, cool air. This will avoid damage and failure, caused by overheating.

Lamp replacement

Various lamps provide 5,000 to 7,000 to 10,000 hours of operation. It is important that when your projector prompts you to change the lamp, that you do so without delay. We do not recommend waiting until the lamp fails, as this could cause damage. Call us and we can provide the lamp to you, or make the changeover for you.

Installation & Mounting

The Brightness of your projector should be based on the lighting in the room, as well as the size of the screen. A small screen with a 4:3 ratio is considered to be 43 x 57 inches and a large screen is 87 x 116 inches. A small screen with a 16:9 ratio is considered to be 45 x 80 inches and a large screen is 58 x 104 inches. The larger the screen, the more lumens are needed.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can ceiling or wall mount your projector and speakers. Alternatively, we can supply the correct mount for your purpose if you prefer to mount them yourself.

Home Theatre Projectors

There can be either DLP or LCD, and we repair both types.  DLP Projectors use Digital Light Processing which means they shine light onto microscopic mirrors on a Digital Micro-mirror Device. Each mirror is one pixel of the projected image and the reflected light goes through the projector. Often it is not economical to replace the DMD, however, we can inspect this and advise on your situation.

LCD Projectors use Liquid Crystal Display, which passes light through three primary coloured LCD panels. As the light passes through the panels, pixels can be open, or closed off, producing a wide range of colours. If the LCD panels fail, we can replace them, if the parts are available.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can also service and repair

• Commercial Cinema projectors

• Micro projectors

• Laser Projectors


No matter the brightness or technology of your Projector, we can service and repair it so get in touch to find out more


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