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All weather TV & signage enclosures

Imagine watching your favourite shows or sport whilst floating in the pool?

The lightweight aluminium construction is the lightest frame around and offers various types of weatherproof mounting options for outdoors, near pools and fireplaces.  Mount it yourself, or we will mount it for you.

Commercial & Domestic uses include:

  • Outdoor restaurants and bars: Entertain your outdoor diners
  • Stadiums, theme parks & outdoor shopping centres
  • Protect your indoor screens from dust, grease, liquid spills and glare within kitchens, warehouses, factories and waste facilities
  • Extreme outdoor environments -20 C to +50 C… Wind, heat, humidity, rain & frost are no match for these enclosures
  • High Impact screen protection

Outstanding Features:

  • Slim, Sleek Design – lightweight powder coated aluminum construction.  Available in standard black with upgrades to silver, metallic sandstone & white
  • Down-facing sound ports to transfer TV speaker audio effectively to maximise audio performance.
  • Outdoor speakers are available which we can link to your indoor system.
  • Made in the USA to exacting standards
  • Anti reflective safety glass reduces glare and increases contrast ratio
  • Heating & cooling fans are built-in for extreme temperatures -20 C to +50 C
  • Weather-proof fixtures and fittings + watertight cable covers protect connections
  • High impact screen protection

For extremely bright situations, we have a pro range which is available in portrait and landscape option.

Mounting options include:

  • Provide protection for screens of all sizes: 39” to 75”
  • We can relocate your existing TV, or supply a new TV
  • Weatherproof mounts.  
  • Tilt or articulate from the wall
  • Mount from the ceiling
  • Recess unit into a wall
  • Dust covers are available

Protect your digital screen investment today

All weather TV & Signage enclosures give you an excellent return on your investment and are a fantastic consideration for new and existing screens

Add value to your property

Include in your commercial fit out or new home construction/renovation

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