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Thermal Cameras

See the world in a new way

Would you like early warning detection showing when your waste piles or logistical stocks are heating up?  

Would you like to see large expanses and people on your perimeter even in the dark and under poor environmental conditions?

Monitor temperature anomalies of critical mass with our thermal and optical duo CCTV in many situations like:

  • Waste and Recycling facilities
  • Mines
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics parks
  • Manufacturing sites and factories
  • Ports
  • Data Centres
  • Power Stations
  • Battery charging stations
  • Industrial sites
  • Perimeters

The duo technology sends detailed, colour coded images immediately to your mobile phone, central monitoring stations and a 24hr monitoring centre

Thermal CCTV increases your safety and can save lives and assets.  Insurers are increasingly demanding higher levels of fire detection for protection to minimise insurance claims

Here’s how thermal camera technology can reduce your commercial costs

  • Less devices are required to cover large expanses, so you enjoy less installation, management and maintenance costs
  • Less downtime and interference with production machinery
  • Able to ‘see’ in the dark, through dust, storms and other challenging environmental conditions
  • Head Office or Operations Centre can monitor all your sites from one convenient location with our Intelligent Network
  • Direct real time monitoring and alarms to mobile devices
  • 24 hour protection 
  • Minimise fire risk by detecting temperature anomolies
  • Investigate your perimeters in dark and challenging weather conditions – intelligent movement detectors differentiate between moving leaves, animals, humans and vehicles
  • Maximize opportunities to prevent disaster by real time alarms, set to your own custom thermal thresholds, giving you time for evasive action
  • Thermal and optical duo CCTV gives rich detail, and is able to pick out particular items 
  • Prevent potential damage from fire, smoke and water 

Why it’s important to invest in our line of solutions

  • SEQ ensures your installation doesn’t run into any problems before, during & after.  
  • We offer a 1-year warranty on our installation, which includes checkups at 6 months and 12 months to make sure the equipment is running smoothly
  • SEQ Electronics is fully licensed

We get your CCTV right the first time

Our team is made up of licenced security installers, electronic repairers & computer programmers.

Let us tailor solutions to meet your needs and budget.  Our quotes are obligation-free.  Don’t delay enquiring about thermal CCTV any longer…

The video below demonstrates examples of fire temperature and warnings and smoke detection.


A thermal camera CCTV installation is the most cost-effective method for monitoring and notifying you of rising temperates amongst your stockpiled items.  Insurers are increasingly demanding such precautions.  See the case study below to find out the many advantages one kitchen manufacturer discovered by using thermal cameras.


There are many situations where thermal cameras provide unrivalled solutions in challenging environments. Below is an example of a Brisbane kitchen manufacturer who was instructed by his Insurer that he was now required to have some form of fire detection system in place, due to fire risks caused by heat produced by his machinery and brewing in stockpiles of sawdust.

A traditional solution was put forward – a smoke detection system, however the General Manager decided this was totally unsuitable for the factory.  “Our factory, by its very nature, is a dusty environment that would cause havoc with smoke detectors. Not only was this solution impractical, but it was also cost prohibitive and required us to move some of the CNC machinery around during the installation; there had to be a better way.” 

Installation advantages compared to smoke detectors

Hikvision Thermal cameras provided the right solution for both the kitchen manufacturer, and their insurance company.  Four Hikvision Bi-Spectrum cameras DS-2TD1217-2/P were installed high up on the walls of the factory, providing several advantages:

  • Both Optical and Thermal output streams to optimise clarity
  • Limited exposure to dust due to height and distance
  • Convenient installation – no production disruption or shutdown of the factory 

Cost Savings

  • The capital cost savings combined with savings in downtime, exceeded $25,000! 
  • Multi-million dollar daily production schedule was maintained


  • Real-time video feeds to the CCTV office monitor 
  • Real time feed to  mobile app – allowing User to move around the workshop or anywhere through the Hik-connect cloud based App
  • Monitored Centre provides 24-hr redundancy in the case of user being unable to respond to the alarm
  • Easy to adjust temperature alert settings

During testing, it was noted that the MAP gas torch triggered the Thermal Camera’s over-temperature alarm.  This instantly set off an alarm via a High level Interface to the Hikvision NVR. This then passed the alarm notification to both the Hik-Connect App as well as to the Monitoring Centre via the Alarm System.

This gave users peace of mind by allowing visual confirmation before sending the Fire Brigade.

Certainly these additional benefits are just other reasons why this technology is the future of early warning detection in challenging environments potentially saving lives and reducing the loss of expensive equipment in the event of a fire.

The video below demonstrates the wide variety of applications of thermal cameras.