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Floor Standing Display Stands & Touchscreens

Digital Kiosks stop Customers in their tracks

Get all eyes and ears on your product or business now to lift your bottom line

Multimedia Kiosks display enticing imagery, which starts the buying journey for passers by.  It also creates efficiency by communicating important information to your clients and staff.

Digital signage gives your business an edge over your competition.  It’s a sales tool that works whenever you want it to, giving you total control at any time and from anywhere in the world

You can pre-load content from your home office or on the run. Your head office, marketing department or advertising agency can create and load content from wherever they are located.

Our clear and bright  LCD digital display enables a wide variety of applications for countless businesses and industries. They can be installed in practically any location or public venue, and are ideal for restaurants, retail shops and centres, museums, healthcare facilities, hotels, education, aged care and corporate campuses.

Display and Interactive Screens

We offer great functionality with a combination of top name hardware  like Samsung, LG and other well-known brands with A + screen cooperation.  We also offer LCD capacitive touch screen touch technology: infrared touch \ PCT \ PCT touch screen.

Interactive Kiosks are ideal to use as Way-Finding screens to direct customers and visitors around your site.

Digital content

You can create digital content using the easy and flexible display control software. The control software can be a separate dedicated program or internal integrated hardware.  New messages can be created from creative lists of music, videos, images, graphics, words and phrases, which are combined in different combinations and permutations to generate new messages in real time.

Put your latest images, text and videos on display


Scrolls text or text that is dynamically updated via an external Newsfeed source. Support PPT, Excel and other text formats


Scroll images, usually in the format of digital ad posters.  Use high definition images for the best effect


Many display control systems use canned graphics and videos, but custom videos can be automatically generated or signed by many sources. Digital signage supports multiple video playback formats

Social Media

You can feature your social media promotions on your Kiosk

We offer all types of indoor and outdoor signage

  • Video walls
  • Wall mount digital display
  • Multimedia Kiosk
  • Stand-alone digital signage
  • Outdoor TV enclosures
  • Touchscreen and interactive signage