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“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere”

– Albert Einstein

Let us give form to the imagination that is already in your classroom

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems solves many of your electronic issues by providing, installing, integrating and repairing your technology. We’ve been operating for over 20 years, with a reliable reputation.  Our fully licensed technicians hold National Police clearances, so you can feel confident about our presence at your School.

Our varied services will streamline the many installations you may require to keep your school up to date with technology and parents’ expectations.

What we do

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can flip your traditional learning environment into one filled with creative & engaging spaces to be enjoyed by both your teachers and students

Audio Visual

Assisted Vision & Assisted Hearing

  • Phonak Hearing Augmentation and pendants
  • Hearing loops for auditoriums and larger spaces

CCTV, Intercoms & Access Control

We can provide surveillance and behaviour monitoring to improve safety in classrooms, hallways, remote parts of grounds, pick up and drop off areas and surrounding streets and specific hot spots.  CCTV footage can also be used to improve classroom teaching and management

Digital Signage & Touchscreens

We can engage your surrounding community with Digital Signage announcing your upcoming events and philosophy.  We can direct visitors around your campus with Wayfinding touchscreens or Digital Signage

PA & loudspeaker system + All audio & visual systems

We can allow you to make important announcements around the campus and create surround sound and vision in your Performing Arts areas, both indoors and outside

Monitors for Higher Education

Bring Designs to Life

Designer Monitors ensure that Higher Education Students’ painstakingly crafted designs are faithfully represented, with over 1 billion colours and optimal precision. Every colour specified on the monitor will maintain excellent consistency across devices and mediums.

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Technology, Teachers and Students can see true-to-life colour and details from any angle, allowing more participants to engage in group discussion.

BenQ’s Designer Monitors introduce top-notch ergonomics into the learning space. Students can effortlessly switch between various working modes, including CAD/CAM, Animation, and Low Blue Light Modes, to maximize their efficiency through every step of learning process.


  • With CAD/CAM mode, students can utilise a colour map specifically for CAD programs. This allows every 3D line of the wireframe to be presented in superior contrast and makes each line highly distinguished and visible, thereby enhancing design quality and increasing student productivity.
  • Certified professional display standards for CAD/CAM software users.
  • Desktop Partitioning for multitasking several virtual displays.
  • Dual Aspect Ratio gives seamless dual workspace without borders so only one monitor is required.
  • Animation Mode enhances details in dark areas of artwork without overexposing bright areas, empowering students to create animation with intricate textures and stunning depth.