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Interactive Flat Panels

Tap into Interactive Learning with Unlimited Possibilities

Tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and build a vision-friendly, interactive learning environment with interactive flat panels.

Over 90% of schools with flipped classrooms report student participation and collaboration improve significantly in comparison to schools with traditional learning environments.

Low recurring costs & long warranty

Lower recurring operational costs with our flexible installation options, easy management controls and robust durability offered by interactive flat panels.

Robust Reliability and Hassle-free Management

Tap into touch-enhanced learning at minimal cost. BenQ interactive flat panels offer easy, cost-effective installation, and a panel life of up to 30,000 hours ensures steady performance for years to come. BenQ’s interactive flat panels also integrate Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, allowing IT personnel to manage all displays in real-time via local network.

Use your existing Software

Interactive Screens are compatible with a wide range of educational software. Dynamic cooperation and annotation tools, not only enables students and teachers to take colourful notes across multiple media file types, but also instantly enhances class activities. Teachers can change the colour of writing.

The Ultimate Solution for Healthy Learning

When it comes to effective learning, health matters.  We can supply Interactive Flat Panels with an AG+ Screen and total Eye-care solution. These features help curb bacterial build up and safeguard eye health for teachers and students. This offers Students a healthy learning environment and allows them to focus on learning without suffering from eye fatigue or distractions.

Optimise your Screen usage with a Mobile Trolley

Use your Interactive Screen wherever you choose, and at whatever height, for varying audiences. Wheel your Interactive Screen from room to room or even outside. Hydraulic and manual lift trolleys allow you to easily control the height of your screen, which is especially suitable for very young Students.