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Interactive Projectors

Improve Student Test results and attitude

Studies show that after integrating interactive classrooms (flipped classrooms) into K-12 education, 67% of teachers saw a perceivable increase in test scores.  80% of teachers reported their students’ attitude towards subjects also significantly improved.

Become one of the top percentile by bringing an Interactive Projector into your classroom, and reap the benefits for you and your Students.

Bring your lessons to life and inspire your students

Education Projectors herald a new era in collaborative learning, and are perfect for today’s BYOD classroom.

Over 90% of schools with interactive classrooms (flipped classrooms) report student participation and collaboration improve significantly in comparison to schools with traditional learning environments.

With brilliant widescreen resolution, plus advanced network connectivity and wireless performance, these projectors make it easy to share larger-than-life lessons and control the projector remotely. Short Throw Interactive Projectors are ideal for Classrooms. Long throws are great for large Auditoriums.

Experience a whole new level of interactive freedom

Move freely around the room without restrictive and confining cables. Educators can wirelessly display and interact with content and move about the classroom with mobile devices.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can supply the best system and Brand for your needs…The possibilities are vast

Interactive Projector systems can include :

  • 16 presenters at once easily accommodated
  • Interactive Pens and finger activated
  • Simple switch to display different media
  • Various control and display options
  • On Screen Operation Bar – no more searching for the remote control
  • Unrestricted connectivity
  • Encrypted Wireless Transmission for Enterprise-Class Security
  • Flexible installation options
  • Easy calibration for large areas
  • 16 million colours and incredible clarity
  • Display as interactive Whiteboard
  • Print and share information
  • On Screen Operation Bar – no more searching for the remote control


  • Print wirelessly
  • Email your findings to a wireless device or USB drive
  • Split the screen and hold an international conference or multi-campus lesson, whilst interacting on the other screen

Turn your Tabletop into an interactive screen

Turn any tabletop into an interactive surface with the addition of a Table Mount.

Some Projectors project vertically downward, so an ordinary table becomes an engaging platform for interaction and collaboration.


Our friendly Technicians spend time with you explaining the functions and taking you through step-by-step tutorials.

Audio and Assisted Hearing

We supply and install sound bars and speakers so your lesson successfully reaches the whole audience.  We also install Induction Loops for the hearing impaired in auditoriums.  We supply and install Phonak hearing augmentation & pendants for the Department of Education.

Protect your reputation & don’t endure equipment failure during a class.  

Maintain your curriculum with regular scheduled servicing of your equipment.   Optimise your investment by extending the lifespan of your asset, and saving you money in the long run.

What is a Routine Preventative Maintenance Programme?

• Scheduled maintenance, at a time which suits your curriculum, including after hours

• Ensures a reliable, fully operational system

• Activity reports & equipment functionality testing

• Projection alignment & lamp replacement

• Regular cleaning (vital in dusty or dirty environments)

• Asset tracking of AV systems such as back-up lamp inventory, equipment rotation & projector maintenance

• Extends lifespan of your Projector


We also service Projectors to ensure safety and optimum output. It is imperative to service your Projector, especially if it operates in a dusty or dirty environment. It’s vital that your projector breathes in order to maintain its correct operating temperature. Every projector draws a significant amount of power and voltage thus creating heat. To avoid damage and future repairs, it is vital that fans and filters are cleaned to ensure circulation of clean, cool air. This will avoid damage and failure, caused by overheating.

Lamp replacement
Various lamps provide 5,000 to 7,000 to 10,000 hours of operation. It is important that when your projector prompts you to change the lamp, that you do so without delay. We do not recommend waiting until the lamp fails, as this could cause damage to your unit. Call us and we can provide the lamp to you, or make the changeover for you.

Installation & Mounting

The Brightness of your projector should be based on the lighting in the room, as well as the size of the screen. The larger the screen, the more lumens are needed.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can ceiling or wall mount your projector and speakers. Alternatively, we can supply the correct mount for your purpose if you prefer to mount them yourself.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems also services and repairs:

• Home Cinemas and Theatres

• Commercial Cinema projectors

• Micro projectors

• Laser Projectors


No matter the brightness or technology of your Projector, we can supply, install, service and repair it so, get in touch to find out more.