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Entrance & Access

The entrance & access system you choose is the first impression of your site, business, facility or precinct.

It needs to be functional, resilient, attractive & secure but what should you choose?

Is it worth repairing what you already have or buying new?

No more wasting time

Fast automatic doors enable your staff to move quickly (and safely) from one section of your premises to the other.

Improve energy efficiency

Our wide range of specialist doors help you regulate room temperature, cut utility costs and help protect the environment.

Enjoy unrivalled performance

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems work with licensed agents for a huge range doors – all using cutting-edge technology and mostly made in Australia with some styles made in Germany

Make Hygiene a priority

Cleanliness is extremely important. When you install the best entry & access system for your business you can be sure that your floor will be clean PLUS dust, insects, flies and birds are virtually eliminated

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can supply, install & service your existing doors

A large part of our business is servicing existing systems and we understand its not always feasible for a business to replace entrance & access systems they already have. We can access parts for various brands and we aim to be as flexible as possible to carry out servicing around the schedule of your business.

From climate control to compliance, SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can consult on what we believe to be the best Entrance & Access system for you… Read more about some examples here:

Rapid Roller/High Speed Doors

High Impact Traffic Doors

PVC Doors

Most of the doors we supply are manufactured in Australia and we are proud to work with another great Australian owned company with the supply of this great product we service and install.

Get in touch with us to discuss the best Intercom Access Control System for your business.