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Insurance Assessment

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We can help you with insurance assessments

SEQ work’s with many insurance companies to assist clients with a speedy repair service.

Have the kid’s cracked the TV with the Wii remote or a little car?
Did Mum accidentally hit the TV with the vacuum cleaner?
Did Dad knock the TV over while plugging in the Xbox or PlayStation 4?

These are all common accidents that occur all the time. Luckily most people are covered against these type of accident on their home and contents insurance.

So what do I do now?

  • Step one – is to contact your insurance company to let them know what happened and to raise a claim. Be sure to get a claim number from them to assist us in preparing the estimate.
  • Step twoContact SEQ to arrange inspection of the broken item. Be sure to give us your insurance company’s details including the claim number they have supplied you with, and an email address.
  • Step three – SEQ will collect the faulty / broken item to take back to the workshop for inspection (or you can deliver it if you wish).
  • Step four – pay our inspection fee. These charges payable by you upon pickup of the faulty/broken item or delivery to the workshop. Most insurance companies reimburse you for these fees or take them off an excess (if applicable)
  • Step five – Our technicians will check the faulty/broken item, price the relevant parts required and compile a report.
  • Step six – SEQ will send a copy of the report direct to your insurance company and to you if requested.
  • Step seven – at the insurance company’s discretion, an assessor may be sent out to verify the claim.

From this point, it’s up to the insurance company to decide what to do.

They will typical contact you to negotiate an outcome. Please contact us and let us know the outcome.

If the item is to be repaired because it is economical to repair and parts are available then the insurance company would normally send you payment to cover the repair costs and the inspection fees minus any excess (if applicable).

You should then contact us to inform us to repair the item – at this point we would order any parts required and inform you when the item is ready for collection. Payment for the repair is required when the item is completed. Most times payment is made upon delivery of the repaired item.

If the item is not able to be repaired due to parts being unavailable or it simply not being economical to repair SEQ is happy to dispose of the equipment or make it available to the insurance company at their request. Again – please inform us if the item is to be repaired or not.  We can supply and install new replacement equipment.  Call us to discuss.


SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems has engaged a recycling firm to recycle unrepairable items. Great for the environment.

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Please Note: an Inspection fee may be applicable please see here for Inspection fees