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Antenna & Satellite

We deliver clear digital sight & sound

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems has been operating for over 20 years and has vast experience installing all types of Digital Antenna in South East Queensland.  We design, install, test and repair

  • MATV Systems
  • Digital  Antenna Installation
  • Digital Antenna Replacement
  • Satellite dishes
  • Low signal area solutions
  • Residential and commercial applications

Clear pictures anywhere

Our Digital Antennas can improve and extend your TV reception, giving you the freedom to watch TV in any room of your home, on the patio, around the pool, or even on your boat.  We can also install our special All Weather TV Enclosures and extra antenna points to make this happen.

Banish fuzzy pictures

We have over 20 years’ experience, so we know all the difficult TV reception areas in the Greater Brisbane Region, and can devise antenna solutions to give you crystal clear reception.

Our highly qualified staff is trained, experienced, police checked, efficient, friendly, informative, neat and timely, so, no matter your situation, you are sure to enjoy a positive experience with SEQ.

What is a Satellite Dish Antenna?

A Satellite Dish is a type of Parabolic Antenna. Its name refers to its dish-shape and its way of receiving radio waves.  It’s designed to receive or transmit information by radio waves to or from a communication satellite in the sky.  The term most commonly means a dish used by consumers to receive direct-broadcast satellite television from a direct broadcast satellite in geostationary orbit. A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) dish is commonly used around the world for this purpose.

Why use a Satellite Dish Antenna?

If you are not in the straight line of the TV radio wave broadcast signal, a Satellite Dish may be a solution. Satellite Antennas solve the problems of range and distortion by transmitting broadcast signals from satellites orbiting the Earth.

  • Cost Effective and competitive
  • Strong signal to each antenna point
  • Signal Testing and boosting
  • Hidden cables where possible
  • Extra data and TV points
  • Mounting of audio visual equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor TV viewing
  • Integration of your entertainment system for ease of use

Let us create a Complete Entertainment System for you

We can also supply, install, mount and service your data, television, home theatre and hi-fi systems for optimum enjoyment.  We have the skill to integrate them into a single entertainment system, both indoors and outdoors.

Extra Data Points

So you can take advantage of Smart TVs and the new, affordable entertainment options on offer, like Stan, Netflix, Presto, we can install extra data points and extra antenna points for you.

Antenna for Commercial Clients, Body Corporates, Individual Multi-Dwelling Sites

Let us tailor a solution for your situation

SEQ Antennas will tailor a cost effective solution to meet all the needs of each Resident. We work with Builders, Developers, Electricians or Body Corporate Managers, and take into account any building and ground restraints, as well and the needs of the end users.

Body Corporate and Building Managers have certain issues to consider when installing or upgrading Antenna Systems for residents. We will work with you to resolve your issues, and then design the most economical and effective system to suit your budget and consumer, now and into the future.

Customised Services for various Residents

We can create a basic system with a shared cost, and then tailor extra services to certain residents who may want to pay for satellite or other options.

Construction considerations

  • Building/s layout / plan
  • Communications Room
  • Orientation of Building and any impeding elements to reception
  • Electrical layout
  • Grounds layout and public services

Existing Equipment and location

  • Existing cable type and distribution
  • Exiting Antenna
  • Existing amplifiers and signal control equipment
  • Satellite requirements

End Users and their expectations

  • Free-to-air TV – Paid TV – Satellite TV – FM Radio – CCTV – Intercoms – Central Ducted Vacuum Systems
  • Telephone and Internet requirements – Optimise cabling costs, as some can be run over our cable at installation
  • SEQ Antenna can quote and organise the whole installation process to a high standard and save you money now and into the future.

Wall and Ceiling Mount TV – clean & safe

While servicing your Antenna, SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems can Wall Mount your television to hide all the messy cables, and also give you the ability to turn the screen to various angles, so the whole family can enjoy the best possible viewing.

Wall mounting gives you a modern, clean architectural look. It is also safer, as small children and party-loving friends won’t knock your TV over, or spill drinks over the screen! Remember, liquid spills are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty!

Qualified Team

Our Field Techs hold White Cards, and we can arrange construction works, including some road works, ground works, conduit laying. Our Director has a background in Civil Engineering and oversees all our design and installation.

Our staff have passed Police Checks, so your residents can feel safe in their homes.

All members of our team are Government Accredited and hold Restricted Electrical Licences and hold Registered Cable Licences.

Professional Installation

Spend your capital wisely.  SEQ Antennas help you with your research and deliver excellent solutions, giving you an exceptional, long term outcome.

We use high quality Matchmaster TV Reception Systems

Trade Sales of Antenna components

For all your home electronic needs, call SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems email