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Power Supply Repair

Need to get Power, we can do your Power Supply Repair

Power Supply Repair
Typical Power Supply PCB. This one is from a LG LED TV

Power Supply – Also known as a switch-mode power supply (SMPS) converts the power from your power point (240vAC) to different voltage levels to run different parts of the television. Typically, a power supply would generate different power rails of DC voltage and current.

Power supplies are used everywhere. FromĀ  TV’s, DVD players, Industrial process machinery, PLC’s, Stereos, microwave – in fact almost anything that runs on power will have some kind of power supply in it.

Common power supply voltages outputs are 5v dc, 12v dc, 24v ac, 24v dc, 35v dc, 65v dc etc.

Most common fault symptoms experienced with the power supplies are:

  • no powercommercial power supply repairer
  • no sound
  • intermittent shut down
  • noisy rattling sound

SEQ’s fully qualified electronics technicians can repair power supplies at both component level and board level.

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