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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems warranties the work performed (labour) for 90 days. Part warranties are depended upon manufacturers terms and conditions. If a problem should arise within 90 days of service, it is the client’s responsibility to have the unit returned to the workshop within this time frame in order to have the problem rectified at no cost for labour.
  2. Inspection fees (if applicable) are payable upfront. If the unit is under a manufactures warranty, proof of purchase must be provided upfront to waiver the inspection fee. Inspection fees will not be refunded under any circumstances even if the unit is later deemed to be under a manufacturer’s or extended warranty. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems will not commence work on your item/s until one of these conditions is met.
  3. Whilst all due care is taken, SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, its staff and or contractors do not accept ANY responsibility to ANY damage that may occur during home visits, in workshop repairs or pick-up and delivery to any items within our or your possession. By signing this document, you agree to release SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, its staff and or contractors of any liability of any damage, scratches etc that may occur to your item. Our staff will maintain utmost care with your items.
  4. With all service calls/pick-ups/ and deliveries, you are “inviting” our technician/s, employee/s or contractor/s onto your premises and YOU accept full responsibility for any damage/scratches/ injuries or anything else that may occur on your premises. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, its staff and or contractors enter your premises with YOUR invitation and at your own risk!
  5. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems or any of its employee’s do not take responsibility for any damage to property that may occur during a field service call. This includes scratches or dents to wall units, stands and any other items in your premises.
  6. If a ‘no fault found’ outcome is found with your unit, inspection fees and/or service call fee will be charged to the customer even if the unit is under a manufacturer’s or extended warranty. This is NOT refundable by SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, even if the manufacturer chooses to repair the unit at their cost. Intermittent faults cannot be correctly diagnosed if they fail to occur whilst in the workshop. If this occurs with your unit SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems will not charge you another quotation fee for that unit if it is returned for diagnosis within 90 days of the original appraisal.
  7. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems reserves the right to terminate communications/service commitments for abusive or unreasonable customers. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems exercises a zero tolerance policy.
  8. In busy times, there can be a delay of up to 2 weeks before we are able to provide an estimate cost of repair. The estimated time of completion is entirely dependent whether the manufacturer/spare parts agent has the particular part in stock at that particular time, we will advise you of this when we provide the estimate fee.
  9. Please DO NOT call us before the end of the time scheduled above as we will endeavour to call you upon completion or when a quote has been prepared.
  10. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems cannot give accurate estimates on the time of a repair due to parts supply or otherwise. If a part required for the repair is delayed or back-ordered, then we encourage clients to call the manufacturer concerned. Any estimate given cannot be guaranteed. Customers are encouraged to phone or email SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems for the status of their goods (in a courteous manner) as SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems services hundreds of jobs a month and are unable to contact you with updates. We will endeavour to contact you upon completion of the repair or to give you a quote if applicable.
  11. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems will not surrender any goods until full payment has been received and or relevant proof of ownership is obtained. If someone else is to collect your goods on your behalf, then please call us ahead of time to discuss.
  12. Goods that are still in possession of SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems after 30 days of notification of completion, or are awaiting repair authorization from the client, may incur a storage fee of $7 per week or part thereof. Goods still in possession of SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems after 90 days of notification of completion or that is awaiting repair authorization from the client will be disposed of within conditions of the trade practices act in order to recover any amounts outstanding or free up limited storage space.
  13. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems may at its discretion extend this period if requested. Please call us if this concerns you.
  14. Should you give SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems the Go Ahead for a repair etc. whether being verbal or written, it will be deemed as a contract and MUST be paid whether you change your mind or not.
  15. Once a technician has completed a tune in or installation, NO WARRANTY claim can be made if you forget the instructions provided to you or if any items have since been disconnected, removed, replaced or altered.
  16. Units that are under a manufacturer’s warranty that require re-installation after a repair may incur an installation fee. This may be wavered at SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems discretion.
  17. No responsibility is taken for any data lost or DVD’s/Compact Discs/Video Tapes or any other items during a repair.
  18. SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems reserves the right to refuse service or repair to any/all products whether “in” or “out” of warranty.
  19. Any comments should be made in writing and directed to “Management” at SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems 1 Tombo St, Capalaba QLD 4157.
  20. Any item left for repair that has a data storage device such as a Hard drive or Solid state hard drive, may lose any or all of it’s data during the repair process or due to a fault with the product or due to the repair process such as updating software. We will strive to retain any or all of the data held on the device if possible, but cannot be held responsible if any or all data is lost. You should backup all your Data prior to leaving the unit for repair.


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