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Antenna Quotes Brisbane

Have you ever wondered why “Quotes” are so vastly different for the supposed “Same” thing?

We get asked this now and again, let me try to explain why with a simple antenna system.

John may call around couple of antenna installers wanting to get a price to install a new Digital antenna on his newly built home that has 3 x antenna points pre-wired. John receives a couple of quotes from the installers and there was up to a $100 difference between them in their quotes, after speaking with them, they both advised John that they are using “good” quality digital ready products! John is confused and goes for the cheaper quote.Hills & SEQ

Here is where the real difference comes in. Both these installers “may” do the same job as such, but one installer uses “Quality” material whilst the other uses “inferior” material. The difference becomes evident in a couple of months or years time when your TV starts breaking up and pixelating just when the warranty runs out or the State of Origin starts! We have even seen a huge difference in the quotes of installing an extra antenna point from a $100 to $200.cabrg6qs

There is a HUGE difference in the quality in everything from Coax cable, the plugs, the connectors right through to the antenna itself. Installers will claim that their coax cable for example maybe “RG6 Quad shield” which is the industry recommended, but their “quality” maybe like comparing a Datsun to a Mercedes Benz!

Here at SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems we will ONLY use quality material on your antenna system installation / repair and where possible we strive to use Quality Australian products to support Aussie jobs and proven products build for Australian conditions, such as the Hills antenna and Kingray Masthead amplifiers.Australian Made

Kingray Shielded AmpDon’t always be swayed by price or a fast-talking installer because in the long term it may well end up costing you more $$ and it will not last as long.

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