Discover the Power of High Impact Traffic Doors for Seamless and Efficient Traffic Flow

Welcome to SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, where we understand the challenges of busy workplaces. Our High Impact Thermal Traffic Doors (HITT) are designed to meet the demands of high-traffic areas. With exceptional durability and efficiency, these heavy-duty doors ensure seamless operations in even the most demanding environments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Durable Construction:
    Our HITT doors feature a proprietary ABS Type outer shell with a thermally insulated core, providing excellent insulation and rigidity. This robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.
  2. Semi-Automatic Operation:
    Equipped with a concealed double-acting variable torque spring stake, our doors offer semi-automatic operation, allowing them to close automatically from either direction. This convenient feature enhances efficiency and ease of use.
  3. Adjustability and Adaptability:
    An adjustable bottom jack accommodates height variances, while the hemispherical pivot compensates for floor irregularities, ensuring a secure fit. Our doors can be customized to fit your specific requirements.
  4. Enhanced Safety and Visibility:
    Double wall windows with perimeter molded gaskets provide safe two-way vision, promoting a safer working environment. Clear visibility enhances safety and allows for smooth traffic flow.
  5. Impact Resistance:
    Kick plates or spring bumpers can be added to maximize impact resistance, extending the lifespan of the door in heavy-use areas. These additional features ensure long-term durability and minimize maintenance needs.
  6. Hygiene Considerations:
    Our doors are equipped with PVC seals to prevent the ingress of dust and maintain hygiene standards. The high-density polystyrene core is resistant to water absorption and bacteria, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.
  7. Chemical Resistant Surfaces:
    High impact surfaces are constructed using chemical-resistant thermoplastic sheet, providing excellent durability against scratching and gouging. These surfaces are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.
High Impact Doors

Customization and Manufacturing Options:

  • Stainless steel surfaces: Ideal for high-level clinical production areas, we offer stainless steel surfaces as an option to meet specific industry requirements.
  • Color options: We provide various color options as standard, and color matching is available based on minimum order quantities and lead times. This allows you to customize the doors to match your facility's aesthetics.
  • Flexibility in sizing: Our doors can be manufactured as singles or pairs and can accommodate openings up to 3m in height and 3m in width. We can tailor the doors to fit your specific entrance requirements.

Servicing and Flexibility:
Supporting Your Existing Doors

At SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand that replacing existing entrance and access systems may not always be feasible. That's why we offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance for a wide range of brands. Our experienced technicians provide reliable support and ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

Choose SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems for High Impact Thermal Traffic Doors (HITT) that enhance efficiency, durability, and safety in high-traffic environments. Contact us today to discuss your entrance and access system needs.