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Brisbane CCTV Security Camera Systems and Installation

Why it’s important to invest in our line of security cameras

Whether it’s to monitor the inside or outside areas of your residential and commercial properties, these solutions are designed to offer absolute peace of mind. From business through to residential applications, having a security system installed gives you the ability to stop would-be-thieves in action.

In other cases, collected footage can also be used in court and police proceedings, where evidence is needed to bring justice to a crime.

Other benefits include:

  • Scare off opportunistic intruders
  • Know who is entering your property
  • Keep an eye on family members (e.g. young children)
  • Take care of those using your space
  • Pinpoint any unusual activity
  • Know what happens when you’re not home.

Know what is happening at your properties at all times with our state-of-the-art security systems

CCTV camera systems have been proven to be the most cost-effective method for crime prevention and detection.

Here’s how a security system can reduce your commercial costs:

  • Head Office or Operations Centre can observe all your sites from one convenient location with our security systems’ Intelligent Network.
  • Minimise your Public Liability from slip and fall premiums and excess payments by monitoring shopper and visitor behaviour.
  • Manage public liability and employee productivity.
  • Retail shops and centres can track shopper movements with thermal CCTV cameras, to see the real-time effectiveness of promotions and purchases.
  • Car parks can be monitored for anti-social behaviour and connect to Intelligent Network Recorders for ticketless parking; car counting, number plate recognition.
  • Service Station operator safety and minimise theft with number plate recognition and alarm to alert arrival of previous offenders.
  • Record temperatures of critical mass with our thermal and optical duo CCTV in waste, warehousing, manufacturing, and industrial sites.
  • Minimise fire riskCombine with an ancillary alarm.
  • Monitor human movement in hidden locations in prisons, and shield perimeters of your property with thermal security cameras.
  • Factories can watch staff productivity.
  • Safer sites and facilities with site entrance, Region entrance and exit, intrusion, line crossing, Smart tracking access systems.
  • Intercoms and Access Control Systems to compliment your CCTV security cameras in Brisbane.

What to look for in CCTV business and home security cameras

No matter where your property is located in Brisbane, there are still a few key factors to assess when you’re looking for a new residential or commercial systems. At SEQ, we ensure our products are backed by these qualities, including:

  • Durability: All alarm systems are designed to provide premium performance, no matter the environmental conditions.
  • Exceptional coverage: Your CCTV security camera needs to provide vision where it’s needed most. We make sure your unit is positioned where it needs to be.
  • High resolution: There’s no point installing a security camera on your Brisbane property if you can’t actually make out what you’re looking at. Our products are backed by great resolution, so you can utilise the footage for a number of contexts.
  • Easy management: Store your high-standard security footage securely and know you can access at any time, easily.

SEQ ensures your security camera doesn’t run into any problems before, during & after.  

We offer a 1-year warranty on our alarm systems and security camera system installations, which includes check-ups at 6 months and 12 months to make sure the equipment is running smoothly.

WATCH this Retail Smart Solution in action >>

WATCH this Industrial Smart Solution in action >>

Our services are tailored to both commercial & home security applications

Ask about package discounts for bundling of services.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems is a fully licensed and insured business in Brisbane North and along the Gold Coast. All our technicians have current police checks so you can feel reassured that your property is in safe hands when it comes to business and home security systems.

We get your CCTV system right the first time

Wouldn’t be nice to have your residential or commercial installations completed & not have an installer running around, not having a clue what he has done & why the camera isn’t talking to the NVR? What if the picture is fuzzy on the screen, or the signal isn’t getting to your phone? All you wanted was a simple, seamless security camera system that works.

We stop faults and failures from ever occurring in the first place.

Based on collected information from more than 10,000 trouble related service calls from many equipment manufacturers, over 70% of failure in a home security system is associated with transmission media which includes the type of cable used, connectors, connections & the installation methods.

The second biggest area that accounts for nearly 25% of the problems is power & environment-related. This includes either excessive or inadequate input power, ineffective or improper grounding or an excessive temperature around the business or home security equipment.

Incorrect equipment setup, improper equipment termination & improper camera installation account for about 5% of the problems directly associated with the installation personnel.

Less than 1% of the failures in a CCTV installation are actually caused by equipment failures.

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems covers all these bases.

Get your free security assessment now

Our home security team is made up of licenced security installers, electronic repairers & computer programmers.

Let us tailor solutions to meet your home or business’s needs and budget.  Our quotes are obligation-free.  Don’t delay enquiring about CCTV any longer – get your free security assessment now.