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Brisbane Intercom and Security Access Control Solutions

What are access control systems?

These security solutions are designed to give you access control over who enters your Brisbane property – whether it be business or residential.

The most common type of access control unit is those operating through card entry, which only requires one to make contact with a magnetic stripe. Once the user swipes their card, they can then enter the area.

These days, there are lot of various features now available within these systems, all of which suit different kinds of applications. Some designs include:

  • Password entry
  • Card access
  • Security FOBs
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Palm sensors
  • Retina scans
  • Voice recognition
  • DNA scan (in extreme circumstances).

Benefits of a Brisbane Access Control System

  • 24-hour time zone control & door status monitoring
  • Precise access event logs (including date and time)
  • The activation of lost cards and key-fob/swipe card expirations (To prevent unauthorised access to temporary users)
  • Loss prevention involves limiting access to certain areas to authorised personnel. Office personnel only have access to office spaces, whereas warehouse staff do not.
  • Automation (Allow automatic closing and opening of gates, boom gates, and doors during designated time zones.
  • Enhanced security, privacy, and safety

Keep your property fenced & gated whilst controlling visitor access

An integrated Brisbane intercom & access control creates convenience that you might not have known was possible.

An access control system will give you call answering and transfers, door release, ability to log user access, ability to monitor & save images PLUS various levels of protection depending upon the threat.

Do away with unwanted keys!

Brisbane Access Control Systems are a more traceable alternative to physical keys and locks… Cards, fobs or fingerprints can be used to track movement throughout your home or commercial premises.


  • Have total control and tracking over who accesses designated areas
  • Keep an eye and ear on your street, perimeter, site & building entrance, specified sectors & staff
  • Emerging technologies such as facial recognition & bio technologies
  • Perimeter Protection and internal security
  • Broadcast music or important messages throughout your system
  • Regulate who uses specific resources within your business
  • Combine this installation with an Intelligent Brisbane intercom and security system to be able to view your site from your Smartphone.


  • Broadcast music throughout your home without speakers installed
  • Video intercoms allow you to keep an eye and ear on people in your home.  Monitor visitors, pets, family & domestic workers PLUS its the ultimate Baby and Child Monitor
  • Combine this installation with an Intelligent Security System, and see who is ringing your doorbell from your Smartphone.

Why is access control so important in Brisbane?

Modern businesses are required to keep up with new security threats that emerge quickly and stealthily. From vandalism through to more violent crimes, equipping your property (even your home) with access control prevents you from falling victim to unwanted intruders.

If you’re the business owner, it’s your duty to keep those within your building safe from harm. These security measures ensure you’re able to effectively control who has access to the premises and at what point of time they’re able to gain it.

Get on board!

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems holds a Class 2 security licence and has access to many brands of equipment.  You’ll be surprised by the cost-effectiveness so enquire for a quote.