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We’re specialists in MATV design installation

Here at SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems we specialise in designing, installing and commissioning MATV systems. We are trained and experienced in projects large and small across in South East Queensland. We also repair and service and optimise your system.

Banish fuzzy pictures

SEQ Antennas has over 10 years’ experience in Brisbane, and Redlands, so we know all the difficult TV reception areas and we devise solutions to give you crystal clear reception. We have specialised equipment to measure signal strength, and will optimise and boost your reception where needed.

What is MATV ?

Unlike a single TV Antenna, a MATV system, (Master Antenna Television System) utilises a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify TV and FM signals. The system then distributes the signals from one central location to many locations.

Our master antenna systems can transmit:

  • Freeview channels
  • Radio
  • Foxtel
  • In house information channel specific to your establishment

We install MATV systems into projects like:

  • Apartment buildings and towers
  • Housing developments
  • Retirement & Aged Care villages
  • Nursing homes
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Developments
  • Education Facilities
  • Hospitals

Connect Multiple Sites

SEQ Antennas can even connect multiple buildings, such as multiple apartment buildings, Townhouse and Villa Developments and commercial/industrial complexes.

Qualified Team

Our team members hold White Cards, and we can arrange all construction works, including some road works, ground works, conduit laying.  Our Director has a background inCivil Engineering and oversees all our design and installation.

SEQ Antenna uses specialist test equipment; our Field Technicians are fully trained & licenced; our installation team hold police clearances allowing access to very secure areas; our vans are large for delivery of equipment.

Are you having reception issues on site?

Combined with our technical & local knowledge, we are able to pinpoint faults quickly & efficiently. We test all aspects of your digital signal: Digital Channel Power, Bit Error Rate, Modulation Error Rate, Carrier to Noise ratio, Constellation Analysis, Reed-Solomon Uncorrected errors. Most problems can be fixed on the spot, saving you both time & money. We service antennas all over the Greater Brisbane area & Gold Coast.

Design and Installation

Our team designs and draws up your new MATV System, commissions it and provides a manual for your reference.

Our technicians take into full consideration the specifics of each project. We provide the best service within budget and design each system so that each outlet, in every unit, has optimal reception.

We use only the best Australian and European parts and digital head-end equipment and distribution of RF signals for MATV systems for long life of your system.

Projects all around Brisbane

SEQ Antennas is vastly experienced in MATV installations and distribution in the greater Brisbane area, North from Caboolture down to Tweed Heads in the South; from Redland Bay in the East to Ipswich in the West. We travel further and to remote areas for larger projects.

Preventative Maintenance

We will minimize expensive and inconvenient outages with Preventative Maintenance scheduled at your convenience, at any time of day or night.

Specialists in Aged care and Education

SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems undertakes many projects in these sectors. Our Field Technicians have each undertaken a National Police Check, and present in a clean and polite manner, so you feel safe knowing your children and residents can rest easy. We can work around your curriculum and services schedules.

Tailor a cost effective Reception solution

SEQ Antennas will tailor a cost effective solution to meet all your MATV needs. We work with Builders, Developers, Electricians or Body Corporates, and take in account any building and ground restraints, as well and the needs of the end users.

A Body Corporate has certain issues to consider when installing or upgrading MATV Systems for residents. Here is a list of issues we will work with you to resolve, and then design the most economical and effective system to suit you now and into the future.

Customised Services for various Residents

We can create a basic system with a shared cost, and then tailor extra services to certain residents who may want to pay for satellite or other options. 

Construction considerations

  • Building/s layout / plan
  • Communications Room
  • Orientation of Building and any impeding elements to reception
  • Electrical layout
  • Grounds layout and public services

Existing Equipment and location

  • Existing cable type and distribution
  • Exiting Antenna
  • Existing amplifiers and signal control equipment
  • Satellite requirements

End Users and their expectations

Free-to-air TV – Paid TV – Satellite TV – FM Radio – CCTV systems

Telephone and Internet requirements – Optimise cabling costs, as some can be run over our cable at installation

SEQ Antenna can quote and organize the whole MATV installation process to a high standard and save you money now and into the future.

Ask about package discounts for bundling of services for Capital Improvement

SEQ Antenna also provides

  • Digital Signage
  • Audio and visual solutions
  • Intercoms
  • Data solutions
  • CCTV and intelligent systems
  • Centralised Ducted Vacuum system for luxury developments are a great space saving selling feature, and very cost effective to install

Invest your capital wisely and future proof your property. SEQ Antennas help you with your research and deliver excellent solutions, giving you an exceptional outcome.

Send us your building plan and start a discussion about your full requirements with SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems.

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