Expert Industrial Electronics Repairs to Keep Your Production Line Running

When an industrial or commercial electronic product breaks down, it can bring your production line to a halt, causing costly downtime. At SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, we understand the urgency of getting your equipment back online. Our specialized industrial workshop is dedicated to repairing a wide range of industrial electronics, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

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Industrial Electronics Repairs: Trust the Experts

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in repairing various industrial electronics. Whether it's a faulty PLC, power supply, motor drive, or sensor board, we have the expertise to diagnose and fix the issue promptly. By opting for repairs instead of replacements, you can save valuable time and money.

Commonly Repaired Industrial Items:

  1. Power Supplies
  2. PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  3. Rectifiers
  4. AC/DC Motor Drives
  5. RFID Readers
  6. PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards)
  7. Linear Power Supplies
  8. GLCs (Gas Liquid Chromatographs)
  9. Industrial Computer Monitors
  10. I/O Cards and PCBs
  11. Relay Drive PCBs
  12. Solar Inverters
  13. Inverters
  14. VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)
  15. Touchscreens
  16. Process Sensors
  17. Printer Drives
  18. Serial Interfaces

From switch mode power supplies to complex flight control computers, our team has the know-how to repair a wide range of industrial electronics, ensuring a fast turnaround time and getting your equipment back to optimal performance.

Save Time and Money with
Expert Industrial Electronics Repairs

At SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems, we understand the critical importance of keeping your production line running smoothly. Our specialized industrial workshop and skilled technicians are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable repairs for a wide range of industrial electronics. Trust us to minimize your downtime and save you money.