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You deserve to feel safe in your own home

If you’re looking for an intuitive & easy to use security system, the Valet iCentral Security Systems offer effective protection for your home, office or factory and heres why:

  • Operation is easy with intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Smartphone operation over the Internet gives you easy, portable and instant surveillance of your property.
  • The user can view and add their own zone names
  • The user can get help and prompts for arming. disarming, operating outputs and emergency alarms
  • SEQ Electronics & Entrance Systems tailors the system to suit your requirements with 8 or 16 zone control panels and a choice of motion sensors and alarms.
  • Superior front door surveillance allows you to see not only who is at ringing your doorbell, but also vision from all your other CCTV cameras, from your Smartphone.
  • Based on the famous Ness D8x and D16x alarm control panels, the iCentral 8 Zone and 16 zone control panels with dialler are among the most versatile and powerful panels available.

Save money on the install

Enjoy the convenience of a Valet iCentral Systems Lifestyle.

We offer package deals for two or more systems installed at the same time.

Get on board

A Valet iCentral Security System is a wise addition to your existing or new home construction/renovation.

You’ll be surprised by the cost effectiveness so enquire for a quote.  For sales, service and spares for anything within the iCentral range contact us on (07) 3390 1644.