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Main PCB Repair

We can help with Main PCB Repair

Main PCB – This PCB controls the unit. It hasFaulty main PCB in from a LG TV needs replacement and Main PCB Repair the main processor on it and also handles the video and audio signals. This is a very complex PCB that can rarely be repaired at component level – replacement of the complete PCB is normally require if a fault is diagnosed to this board.

Faults -Common fault symptoms you may get with this PCB include.

  • no power
  • no sound
  • no picture
  • remote won’t work
  • shuts down by itself
  • distorted picture
  • Sound cuts out

    Broken tv main printed circuit board for tv repair

  • No channels
  • no HDMI input or HDMI not working
  • Inputs not working
  • Headphones not working
  • sound goes up or down by itself
  • channels change by themselves